USOUNDS Writers’ top Records for 2003

This year we asked all of our writers to give their votes for top albums of the year, 3 brave souls responded. Leave your top records in the comments box… Enjoy and let’s make it happen in ’04!

–Your Editor, Erich Redson

Terrence, American Buddhist

1. Soundtrack: Movern Callar
How pleasing and soothing to listen to the dub and tripout music as well as Nancy Sinatra (Some Velvet Morning) while stoned to the bone on the top of a mountain. A must listen.
2. Up in Flames: Manitoba
Beats meets west. Guitars, tape loops, it’s all there. Zen.
3. “Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts”: M83
I was lost somewhere, and then I found I was not lost at all, I just didn’t know where I was.
4. You Are Free: Cat Power
My first ever review for USOUNDS was for Cat Power’s first album. Full circle? Not yet, but getting there.

Chaz Bartok

1. Appetite for Destruction: Guns ‘n’ Roses
Not technically from 2003, but rocks harder than anything else this year.
2. Take Them On, On Your own: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Even though it turns out these guys are pussies, still they made a good album.
3. Earthquake Glue: Guided by Voices
Still rockin’ my ‘am.
4. Life on Other Planets: Supergrass
Finally some fuckin’ guitars from England.

Clarence Baxter

1. Quality: Talib Kweli
This is not the revolution, it’s the precursor, but it blasts the speakers in my Panasonic like nothing else this year.
2. Worldwide Underground: Erykah Badu
Too short by half but 2 killer tracks, perfect for blasting out beats on blocks.
3. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below: Outkast
Too much, much too much, but you will blow minds with this one.
4. Young Liars: TV on the Radio
Brilliant, short, and ready to change minds about rock in the year 2003.
5. Logic Will Break Your Heart: The Stills
They will make you happy if you like rock music.

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3 thoughts on “USOUNDS Writers’ top Records for 2003

  1. Best album of the year: Hail to the Thief, Radiohead. No one is mentioning it but it was amazing!

  2. Yes, Hail to the Thief is indeed the top album of the year, but most list-makers I’ve read have failed to realize this simple truth due to the fact that they’re too busy ejaculating over the highly overrated White Stripes record.

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