PleasureBeach mp3 Reviewed by Chaz Bartok

People say I’m old, wasted, passed out in a couch in an alley behind a bar with dried puke on my leather jacket and they’re right, that is me. But at the same time I know my shit and I can kick the shit out of you, so say what you want, punk.

Here’s an mp3 and music video from PleasureBeach (pronounced pleasure, bitch), a band that knows how to rock in the original rocking way, no new-style rocking here, just old skool rocking with organs, guitar solos, snarls and fake (except real) english accents.

Click Here for PleasureBeach mp3 and music video

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3 thoughts on “PleasureBeach mp3 Reviewed by Chaz Bartok

  1. I like this, it’s really back-to-basics stuff. The guitar solo is the best part, the vocalist is not my fave but I bet he is good live. Peace.

  2. CHAZ what is this BULLSHIT you used to rock, smoke herbs, get wasted and fuck hot chicks and look at porn and now you SUCK

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