StarTime International mp3s from The Walkmen, Salako, More

StarTime Int’l is one of our favorite labels, and today we would like to point you in their general direction. Check out their new releases, plus mp3s from Salako, French Kicks, The Walkmen and The Joggers.

Correspondant Lance F. Rockaway writes from Munich: “spent the night in the Englischer Garten, listening to mp3s from the StarTime Int’l website… people were moving across my vision like ghosts as a crew of randy Lithuanian girls danced in the moonlight.” OK, Lance, sounds good…

StarTime International Records and Mp3s

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3 thoughts on “StarTime International mp3s from The Walkmen, Salako, More

  1. Niiiiice. Salako is one of my favourite groups, and this is one of their better songs. If you don’t know, now you know

  2. Sorry but this is not one of salako’s best songs, it’s ok but not their best.

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